The tale of a Provençal icon – the Marseille Soap Museum reveals all!

Looking for a tourist attraction with a difference? The Marseille Soap Museum could be the answer. This museum, based in a working soap factory run by soap manufacturers Marius Fabre, may seem like a long way away from lavender fields and pink flamingos, but it tells the story of something that’s as quintessentially Provençal as both of these: Marseille soap. This hard soap is made from water from the Mediterranean Sea, olive oil and a number of alkaline chemicals. It’s a high-quality product that is still prized today, and which has generated much wealth for the local area.

The museum uses artefacts like period advertisements, tools and machinery to good effect to give a real flavour of the place occupied by the manufacture of Marseille soap in the region. You’ll marvel at the expertise and know-how – frequently handed down by generations of workers – that went into making this famous type of soap. You can also purchase a wide range of Marius Fabre soaps on site and even go on a factory tour! The museum is conveniently located just a 3 minute walk from the train station and is open on weekdays, Saturdays and some public holidays.

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