DBV-Technologies – bringing new technology to bear in the fight against allergies

The DBV-technologies.com/en/ website is the ideal place to start if you are interested in finding out more about the latest research and developments into allergy treatments. This European firm has been working on an innovative, yet surprisingly simple solution to provide long-term relief to the victims of some of our most common allergies.

The Viaskin® patch

Source : http://www.dbv-technologies.com

For example, there’s the Viaskin milk patch. A patch-based solution is especially well-suited to patients affected by cows’ milk protein allergy. Those prone to fall prey to this particular condition are mostly babies and young children, who can be difficult to treat using more traditional methods e.g. allergy shots.

The patch, (pictured below) offers a completely painless way of alleviating the symptoms of this allergy by a process of desensitization. It can also be used to provide advance warning of its existence in a young patient. It may be removed at the first glimpse of any severe or potentially distressing symptoms. This means that it is both very safe and considerably less stressful for both children and their parents than other conventional treatments!

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